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Why Rose Gold is a Beautiful Choice for Your Wedding Ring

Why Rose Gold is a Beautiful Choice for Your Wedding Ring

Picking out a wedding ring is probably the most important jewelry decision you’ll ever have to make. The ring needs to look nice on your hand, go well with your engagement ring, be comfortable to wear, and of course be something you love enough to wear all the time, hopefully for the rest of your life! Your chosen wedding band may even end up being something you pass through your family, which becomes an heirloom, so there is quite a lot riding on making the right choice!

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Rose Gold

With yellow gold becoming ever less fashionable, a lot of brides to be find themselves seeking out a different choice of metal. White gold and platinum tend to be the most popular choices, but these are so common now that it can be hard to find something that feels truly unique and ‘yours’. An option that is growing in popularity, and for good reason, is rose gold. This is gold with a pinkish hue, created by using an alloy of natural gold with other metals such as copper. It is the other metals added to the yellow gold that give it its colour, and of course, different alloys can be made to give different hues. As with white gold and other more unusual gold alloys like green gold, it doesn’t exist in nature, but is often produced and used in jewelry and other decorative pieces.

A Tasteful Choice, Inspired By History

Rose gold is making a big comeback of late, so you may think of it as a modern option for wedding rings. However, it first gained popularity in Victorian times, when it was known as Russian gold (this is because the alloys were first used in Russia, and so the original rose gold jewelry came from there). It later saw a huge spike in popularity in the roaring 20’s, thanks in part to Cartier’s now iconic Trinity Ring – a ring made of three intertwined bands of white, rose and yellow gold. Many rings copying the design are still available today.

The Symbolic Meaning of Rose Gold

Rose gold isn’t just a classy and attractive choice – it also carries a meaning that makes it perfect for a wedding ring. Traditionally, yellow gold is used to represent fidelity, white gold friendship, and rose gold love – pink being a colour often associated with romantic love and femininity. This of course makes that Cartier ring even cooler, when you think it stands for all three! While friendship and fidelity are important for a marriage, it is nice to think that the ring you chose represents love most of all, so a rose gold ring is a lovely choice.

As well as this, rose gold is also really good on most skin tones, and the pink hue means it is far easier to coordinate with nail polish than yellow gold – a big plus if you are a fan of manicures. If you’re in the process of choosing a wedding ring, why not take a look at what is available in rose gold?