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What do I need to make a charm bracelet?

What do I need to make a charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are a really fun accessory that can be made relatively easily and without too much expense. If you are interested in making your own charm bracelets, in this article we share with you some hints and tips and what you’ll need to get started and how to go about it.

It’s tool time

The first thing to consider is tools. There is nothing more frustrating than launching yourself into a new craft project only to get half way through and realise that you don’t have an essential piece of kit that you’ll need to finish the job.

Here is an easy to follow summary of all of the major items that you’ll need in order to create yourself a charm bracelet.

You will need a pair of wire cutters in order to be able to trim and size the bracelet. The standard size for a bracelet is seven inches, but you should measure your wrist before you begin to ensure that you are creating the right size. If you are making the charm bracelet as a gift for a friend or family member you can estimate the size that you will need but it is always best to measure first if possible. The standard size is seven inches but for larger wrists this may be up to eight inches, whereas bracelets for men could be as large as eleven inches.

You will also need several pairs of pliers depending on how intricate the work is that you are undertaking. If you are just starting out then a pair of round-nose pliers and a pair of flat-nose pliers should be sufficient. You may also need a pair of crimp pliers but again, this depends on the design that you’re working to.

One of the essential pieces of equipment is a bead organiser in which you can organise, sort, and select the beads that you will be using while creating your design.

Beading cord or thread is what you will use to anchor your beads during the construction. Plus a range of wires will be useful – such as memory wire, earners, and clasps, headpins and eye-pins.

A big eye beading needle is essential in order to thread your beads. You will also find that a ruler or tape measure will help ensure that you are accurate in what you are constructing. It’s likely that you’re also going to need a strong adhesive to help finish off your creation.

What charms should I use?

The best part of creating your own charm bracelet is selecting which charms you are going to feature on the bracelet. Choose a couple of simple charms that mean something to you or reflect your personality. Don’t go over-the-top. Charm bracelets should be fun, but you also need to be able to wear them stylishly.

Whatever your jewellery or beading project, whether it is wildly artistic, classically elegant, or just a simple charm bracelet that will impress your friends, make the essential preparation to ensure that your project goes smoothly and that you can create a unique accessory that you are proud to wear.