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Wedding Favors That Provide Lasting Memories

Wedding Favors That Provide Lasting Memories

All brides want a magical wedding that not only she will treasure but so will all her guests. Here is where the wedding favors play a large role in providing lasting memories. Instead of the traditional favors that are often forgotten as they are placed in a box and left there or in some cases are eaten such as mints or chocolates, more couples are choosing a very unique way to give their guests a favor that will last for many years to come. The new unique wedding favors just happen to be plantable wedding favors.

Lasting Memories Wedding Favors

The choices are practically endless when it comes to choosing plantable favors from seeds in packets to succulents to saplings. According to the season of your wedding, you will be able to find the perfect plantable wedding favor that will not only provide your guests with unique memories but will also add or even compliment the theme of your wedding.

There Are Plenty Of Options

You may choose succulents that are very durable and can be placed in decorative pots that are painted or designed to add a unique touch to the table settings. You may decide to give miniature orchids that will give your centerpieces a very different mood than other options such as candles. On the other hand, if you choose a winter wedding, a spruce or pine sapling may just be the touch of greenery you need to enhance the overall look and feel of your wedding.

No matter which type of plantable wedding favor you choose you will be giving your guests a very unique gift that will certainly be one that will treasure and will be able to plant in their own garden, in their yard, or in some cases keep indoors such as African violets. These types of favors will actually make your wedding unique as you can choose many different styles and colors of flowers, packing such as decorative boxes, pots, or even seed paper that once planted will enhance their garden will beautiful wildflowers.

Create Your Own

According to the plantable favors you choose you can give your guests one plant such as an orchid, a rose bush, a spruce, or an entire small garden that will grow. Many couples are creating their own unique favors using seed paper or even bulbs and then adding their own unique sayings such as “love grows”, “we love you”, or add the date of the wedding and their names on seed paper shaped in hearts.

Remember this is your wedding and you want all of your guests to be a part of this special time in your life. Using plantable favors to help add a unique mood as well as give your guests a special memory will certainly be worth the time invested in creating your own favors or deciding which favors are best for your wedding and your own special way of sharing this wonderful day with family and friends.