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The Smartphone Goes Glamping

The Smartphone Goes Glamping

Camping should be a quiet, solitary experience. You strike out into the woods or climb a mountaintop to be alone with the vast beauty of nature. Yet 84% of people say they couldn’t go one day on the trail without their smartphone, whether it’s to check work emails or take selfies.

Luckily, no one’s saying leave the phone at home: in fact, smartphones can be invaluable on a camping trip. We can help you get most out of it. Believe it or not, your phone can be as central to your trip as the tent or the campfire.

Before you leave, scope out the perfect place to camp out with Camp & RV – the app pulls all sorts of helpful data in addition to user reviews so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you show up. Camping Trip Planner can help you get stocked with the essentials. This app allows you to get as nitty-gritty as you want, right down to estimating the weight of your haul.

Any of the best smartphones available through T-Mobile can help you identify constellations, track animals, or identify plants. The Classic Camping Cookbook lets you search recipes by cooking method or ingredients so that you can whip up a satisfying meal with what you’ve got on hand. And Leafsnap can identify plants via photo to ensure those berries you picked are safe to eat. Audubon Mammals features a photo gallery of animal tracks, a database of animal sounds, and the ability to share findings with other users.

Make no mistake: your smartphone can be your personal field guide, empowering you to explore new places with confidence. Read on for more details.