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Look Good and Gain an Edge on the Court

Look Good and Gain an Edge on the Court

No matter if you play tennis for fun or for a championship, all eyes are on you when you walk onto the court. With that being said, you want to look your best, if you are concerned about the way you look while you are playing your mind will not be in the game and you will do poorly. Of course, there are other things to consider when it comes to the attire you plan on wearing on the court.

Look Good and Gain an Edge on the Tennis Court

Some amateurs that are only playing for fun at the local park, may decide to wear a tucked in tank top and shorts. This may make you look sexy and chic, but you will certainly not have the edge if your opponent is wearing an outfit designed for playing tennis. First, a tucked in shirt of any kind is not going to allow you to move in all the ways you must move to hit that ball over the net. Secondly, blue jean shorts also do not let you move and bend as you will need to do to win the match.

Not All Clothes Will Do

You may think that any top and shorts will do, but once again, tennis is a vigorous sport that keeps you hopping and if you are not wearing the right clothing, you will wear down faster and you will not gain the edge over your opponent.

Today, you can find some very trendy and chic tennis outfits that will give you an edge on and off the court with all eyes on you. The choices are so much better than they were years ago when most women wore long dresses below the knee on the court. Times changed and so has the apparel that can be worn. There are tops, shorts, skirts, warm ups, and dresses that will allow you to look fabulous and allow you to jump, swerve, bend, and hit the ball from any position.

Clothing For Protection

The best tennis apparel will provide things like built in shelf bra, mesh back, UV sun protection, and aether dry moisture management. By choosing the proper attire that will keep you cool and stylish at the same time, you will better be able to concentrate on your game. When you know you look great after a match just as you did when you walked on the court, will give you confidence which will certainly help you keep your mind in the game and this will result in you gaining the edge on your opponent, not only in the game but also fashionably as well.

Remember, proper fitting tennis attire is going to allow you to be in control of your own body and be able to make all those maneuvers without any worries while looking your best at the same time. Check out the womens tennis fashion at ducsport. You can easily find the style that fits your personality, your body and the outfit that will give you the edge on the court.