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How To Turn Your Love Of Makeup Into A Career

How To Turn Your Love Of Makeup Into A Career

Most little girls love the first time they get to put on makeup, or the first time they raid their mom’s makeup drawer. Some of them go on to become models and beauty queens, and some of them dream of professionally doing makeup. Some of them even like the fun horror movie looks and decide to go into FX.

If you love makeup you can turn that love into a hobby or into a career, depending on how much money you want to make and how much time you want to put into getting to where you want to be. Let’s start with the hobby that could turn into a career, and go from there.

Become A Beauty Blogger

It’s not easy to make money off of a newly started blog. You need to get your blog set up and get a good amount of content on it before you can even start reaching out to companies for samples.

Start by reviewing the items you already use. Create videos that you can share both on your blog and on YouTube. Once you have a good amount of info out there for the people to view you can start working on monetizing your blog through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Go To School To Be A Makeup Artist

You can become a professional makeup artist, all you need to do is find a great school where you can learn the techniques you need to make women (and sometimes men) look beautiful. With a certificate from beauty school you could start your career doing women’s makeup for their wedding day or maybe even work behind the scenes for a TV station or show.

Learn FX Makeup

If normal makeup isn’t fun enough or wild enough for you, you can learn how to professionally do FX makeup. There are jobs aplenty that call for this kind of work, from TV and movies to working at haunted attractions.

FX makeup takes even more than general beauty makeup since you work with prosthetics and other things that make people look as though they have wounds and scars, or even make them look like they’ve sprouted werewolf fur.

Or Get A Gig At A Spa

Doing makeup doesn’t have to just be about the makeup application alone, it can also be about the skin care aspect of it. Working in a spa can be a great way to teach women the importance of taking care of their skin.

This is also a great outlet for mineral makeup that can help keep your face healthy and beautiful. If you enjoy makeup it just makes sense to learn everything about it you can. The more you know and can do the more you can expand your career in the field!