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How To Incorporate Summer’s New Trends Into Your Wardrobe

Summer’s New Trends Into Your Wardrobe

Taking advantage of the latest fashion trends without changing your entire wardrobe is certainly possible with a bit of careful thought and some judicious purchasing. Too many purchases of the ‘wrong’ kind can make your new acquisitions jar with your older clothing.

The key, in the words of this fashion site, is to identify a couple of trends you like and incorporate them gradually into your existing wardrobe.


Certain colors can be ‘in’ and a bit of thought is needed before buying a whole wardrobe of a certain shade.

For example, red is often a popular color but can be a difficult one to pull off. A good choice is to use it in a polo shirt – a splash of red with some jeans could look good.

Or how about on the golf course? Polo shirts are a popular choice for golfers as they conform to most golf course dress regulations and can be specified in all sorts of colors and patterns. These golf polos, including long-sleeved varieties, show what’s possible.

Other shades have to be chosen based on clothing you already possess – and that you’ll wear with your new acquisition. See here for some ideas.


Sunglasses are a classic ‘accessory’ – and are guaranteed to pack a fashion punch, adding a stylish final touch to your outfit on a sunny day.

One option to incorporate new sunglasses into your repertoire is the interchangeable frame cover types. A selection of different colored frame covers are supplied giving you versatility and up to the minute fashion status with your eyewear.

Florals and prints

Floral shirts have long been popular and are being joined by more and varied prints such as mosaics and swirls of all types.

The key here is to make the print the focal point of your look rather than have it battle with lots of other patterns and stripes which could cause a garish whole.

So a bright, printed shirt or two could be purchased so long as you have a few pairs of neutral-shaded chinos or jeans to complement them. Similarly, if you’ve got your eye on a pair of swirly print trousers make sure you’ve a few single color shirts, polos or crew necks to balance them up.


A popular summer choice – there is something very summery looking about a blue and white horizontal tee-shirt.

Before adding more stripes to your wardrobe, bear in mind your other clothing and your physique. Stripes can have a significant visual effect – horizontal stripes tend to make you look broader while vertical stripes will draw the eye down making you look taller and more slender.

Be careful of mixing stripes with other patterns and even other stripes. As with florals and prints, it’s a good idea to have a few single color items to balance that back and white striped shirt you fancy.


Men generally buy clothing with a view to keeping and using it over the longer term. Choosing wisely – and purchasing quality items – will help ensure your new acquisitions see active service regularly by complementing what you already own.