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How to Bag the Prom Queen Crown

How to Bag the Prom Queen Crown

Being crowned the prom queen is a big dream for many high school girls. There’s no doubt it is a special occasion despite the tough competition. Any girl can take the crown provided she follows the right lead. Here’s how.

The Prom Dress

When you head to the prom dress shop, there’s a lot to think about. For starters, you’re going to want a stunning ensemble that’s going to wow everyone – not something outrageous or completely over the top. A ball dress will have the right effect.

Prom night is the one time you get to wear a jaw-dropping, incredible prom dress. Choosing the right one can be tedious and deciding what and what not to wear can become daunting. But the right boutique will help you choose the dream dress for prom night so you can look gorgeous and feel confident.

In addition to making sure you look the part, here are some more tips to help you bag that coveted prom queen crown.

Be a Good Candidate

A good candidate for prom needs to be noticed in the very best light. You should mingle confidently and be nice to everyone. Be sweet and kind to get on the good side of the people who are going to be voting for you. They need a reason to vote; be that reason.

Be Your Confident Self

It never pays to be a fake person. Be the real you and be as friendly as you can be. Nobody likes fake friendliness. Your dress could also affect your confidence. When choosing from the variety of dresses available in a prom dress shop, make sure that you will be confident and comfortable wearing it throughout the entire event.

Start Getting Involved

Prom queens aren’t just about looks; they are involved and good people. To get to know more people and get involved, try taking part in more extra-curricular activities and joining clubs. They’re lots of fun.

It’s Okay to Be Nerdy

Grades definitely do matter. The whole thing about being prom queen is being a great role model and in school, a role model is someone who is driven and successful in their studies. Get the books out and start working really hard. Many schools require prom queens to be studious, anyway.

Stay Away from Bad Attention

Just one silly mistake can have your hard-earned reputation for prom queen fall to the ground. Try staying out of and don’t attract negative attention.

The Prom Committee

These are the people who organizethe prom event and are in charge of the ballot voting. If they’re in favor of you, they might just throw in a few good words to sway the voting.

When It Comes to Nominating

If your school has a process of nominations and someone needs to second the nomination, be sure to have a few people ready to nominate you.

Keep Advertising Yourself

You take such great care to dress just right on the night, so take care to build up your reputation to get people voting. If need be, make badges, flyers, and posters to get your name out there.

Be the Potential

In the run up to prom and during the campaign, project the image of a prom queen. Look good at all times. Dress well and neatly and pay attention to hair and makeup. But remember you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, so avoid overdressing.

You Can Do It!

Finally, when prom night comes around, dress well, look amazing, and be happy. If you win the crown, remember to be gracious and thank everyone who has helped you. And if you don’t win, don’t worry about it. It’s prom and it still is guaranteed to be one of the most special nights of your life.