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Disney life lessons we should all learn

Disney life lessons we should all learn

Ignore what the haters say about Disney when they claim the much loved films are cynically instructing young boys and girls that the only way to achieve a happy ending is to find your true love and get married. The studio does so much more than that and has been inspiring little ones to follow their dreams for over 90 years. Here are some Disney life lessons we should all take on:

Family isn’t bound by blood  

Lilo and Stitch taught us that family and friends are the most important things in our lives and that we should always stand by them in tough times.

We can decide our own fate

We should never be told what we can and can’t do; Merida of Brave showed us that it’s important we determine our own futures so we can be happy.

We should ‘woman up’

Hey, women are strong independent creatures and when GoGo from Big Hero 6 says to woman up we should all take notice. She means for us to stay strong, take chances and support our friends.

Just keep swimming

Dory taught us in Finding Nemo that life can be tough but you just have to keep going to overcome your situation.

Hard work will get you so far but don’t let it cloud your judgement

Tiana from the Princess and the Frog believed that giving up her social life, fun and wellbeing was the best way to achieve her dream, when in fact she wasn’t really living life at all. Focus on the future but don’t forget to have fun in the present too.

Stop being narrow minded

Sometimes we have to walk in someone else’s footsteps to truly understand things from their perspective, as Pocahontas and John Smith showed us. If we all took on this lesson and lived this way there would be less discrimination against others and the world would be a much more positive place to live in.

It’s never too late to achieve your dreams

We all have this idea that everything important must be achieved under the age of 30 and that after that we’ve restricted our chances, but as Carl proves in Up, it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

Beauty isn’t always physical

Belle taught us that you can find beauty in others when she fell in love with the Beast. We should all take on this life lesson and not judge others before we know their story.

You need to face your fears

When Rapunzel took the plunge from her tower into the outside world she didn’t know what to expect and was openly scared but she managed to tackle her fears, escape her confinement by Mother Gothel and find a new dream.

But it’s not just Disney that teaches us valuable life lessons, other cartoons such as Monster High (take a look at the characters on this website) teach us that being different is good – something young people need reminding of regularly. You might wonder why monsters are being marketed at children but their unusual appearances and otherworldly style will encourage girls and boys to embrace their uniqueness.

So enjoy those Disney movies, embrace their messages and live life with a song in your heart and knowing that you are never too old to have fun.