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Creative Ways to Lower Your Wedding Costs

Creative Ways to Lower Your Wedding Costs

Hosting a wedding is an expensive task but one that is well worth the cost. But even though weddings can be super pricey, there are some clever and creative ways that you can lower the costs associated with your big day while still enjoying an event that no one will soon forget. Check out the tips below to get started.

Register for a Wedding Planning Course

Hiring a wedding planner may not be possible if you simply do not have the budget for one, as these pros tend be quite expensive. But you can still learn what they know by registering for a wedding planning course online or over a weekend. You will be able to learn directly from the wedding planning experts that you admire so you can implement the same strategies yourself.

Search Out Deals and Discounts Online

The internet is filled with cheap wedding deals, but they may be a little difficult to find. Perform a few different searches and you may be surprised by all of the discounts and deals that you find on everything from professional makeup artists to some of the most desirable venues in your area.

Do Your Hair and Makeup Yourself

If you are really confident in your abilities and you want complete control over your look for your big day, consider doing your hair and makeup yourself. Or if you want, you can only do one but leave the other to a professional.

You can also cut corners by hiring a makeup or hair stylist assistant, rather than the pro, or you can hire friends or family members who are great at doing hair and makeup and would be willing to help you stick to your budget.

Have Your Wedding on a Day Other Than Saturday

Saturday is the most popular and, therefore, most expensive wedding day available. But if you plan your wedding for a Friday or Sunday, you can still have the same exact wedding at a much lower rate.

Save Money on Stationary

When it comes to weddings, there is quite a bit of stationary involved, and this can become really expensive. If you do not really need save-the-dates, for example, cut them out and make sure you instead send out your wedding invitations with plenty of time for people to RSVP.

Also, when you shop for your stationary, avoid all of the extras that are not really necessary, such as letterpresses, lined envelopers, high-grade paper, or foil lettering. Go for something just as elegant yet much simpler and you will find that your costs are cut dramatically.

Be Smart About Your Flower Selections

You do not need a specific expensive flower to make your bouquets, centrepieces, and décor look perfect. Instead, talk to your florist about in-season options and more affordable alternatives to your favourite flowers if they are too expensive.

With so many creative ways to save money on your wedding, you never have to worry about breaking your budget or failing to have the wedding of your dreams.