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6 Reasons Hawaii is a Girl’s Best Friend

Reasons Hawaii is a Girl’s Best Friend

Are you tired of the busy city pace? Long for sandy beaches, tropical weather and a more simple life? Hawaii may be just the life-changing destination you have been looking for. Many people feel that the island life is something to be experienced one week out of the year, but never as a permanent home. Fortunately, included here are many reasons to choose this island paradise as your new stomping grounds.

Perfect Temperatures

The high temperature in August for Hawaii hovers around 88, and the lows in the winter hug the 70 degree mark. This is fantastic incentive for any arthritis-sufferers, sun-worshippers or snow-haters to move down to the islands. With a temperature that remains so steady year-round, it is no wonder the mai tais are always flowing and the tans keep darkening!

Better Health

In recent studies, it has been shown that Hawaii has the highest levels of overall health and happiness nationwide. This could be due to the involvement Hawaiian citizens have with nature and with outdoor experiences, but because of the surplus of fresh seafood and tropical fruit, the diet of natives is particularly healthy as well.

Greater Happiness

Sunshine and vitamin D are fantastic for increasing the mood in people and this is easily demonstrated in Hawaii. However, many people believe the higher overall happiness of Hawaiian residents can be attributed to the laid-back lifestyle. Many Hawaiians have removed their focus from money and chosen to live more minimalistic, slower-paced lives. This decreases overall stress and unhappiness and makes the citizens some of the happiest in the states!

Travel Opportunities

Inter-island travel flight prices can sometimes be found for as little as $60; so there is no need to worry about “island fever.” Not to mention, if you find yourself craving snow in the winter, it is quite easy to hop off the island and hit a Colorado ski resort. Putting your Hawaiian home up for rent on Vacation Rentals By Ownerduring peak season will give you the opportunity to make some money while having your own escape.

Family Will Always Visit You

Some people are concerned that moving to a place as far away as Hawaii will result in the loss of family ties. Fortunately, if you have a home in Hawaii you can be sure you will have no shortage of guests. Your family will love coming to visit and vacation with you and friends are sure to stop by.

Great Job Opportunities

With the burgeoning tourism industry and constant explorations into marine research, there are no shortage of jobs in this tropical paradise. If you have a passion for science or natural resources, you are likely to find an exciting new career in Hawaii, while living the dream lifestyle.