Personalize your Style with Inspiration from Hollywood Necklaces throughout the Ages

What makes a woman feel better than watching an epic romantic comedy with a friend and going shopping for some new accessories? Besides taking some time to enjoy life’s little pleasures, did you ever stop to think about the effect one could have on the other?

Ever since we were little girls, we’ve always looked at movies stars as role models – all of that glamour fills us up and we all search for that feeling of sparkling smiles and shiny jewelry. Whether we notice it or not, strong women in Hollywood have been setting the stage for top fashion trends for as long as we can remember.

Hollywood films are a great place to get updated on the greatest modern look or retro styles without flipping through countless ad magazines. So just because you never made it to NYU’s Tisch program, and you don’t have a personal designer, doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a star, or better yet, look like one!

Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn taught us that diamond are a girl’s best friend, and Kate Hudson took those diamonds a step further on the fashion scale when she sported the famous yellow diamond necklace in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days after Julia Robert’s attempt to incorporate Rubies with those Diamonds in the timeless chic flick Pretty Woman. Over time, diamonds were left behind for some more interesting bling-bling. Natalie Portman’s “B” necklace in the Other Boleyn Girl taught us that you don’t have to be as up-to-date as Carrie Bradshaw to wear a personalized name necklace, whether it be made of pearls or gold.

There is lots to be learned about fashion from the big screen. Throughout the years, iconic jewelry has decorated the silver screen with hidden inspirational fashion tips that added magic to our favorite Hollywood stories. Take the necklacinema quiz below to discover how much you know about those symbolic necklaces, and how much you can still learn.

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